Ms. Sarah King

Sarah King  is a longtime Social Studies teacher at the Regional. Here are some questions to get to know her better and maybe help students to know her better as well. She agreed to answer some questions for them, and these are her responses.

JK: How long have you been teaching at Wachusett?
SK: This marks my 20th year teaching at Wachusett.  I teach 9th grade World History and 12th grade Psychology and Sociology. 

JK: How do you like to get to know your students?
SK: Honestly, for me, getting to know my students is the most important part of teaching.  When students feel like you genuinely care about them and who they are as people, they blossom.  When they feel connected to you, they want to work hard for you and they rise to the occasion.  I think the simplest way I get to know is by talking to them before and after class, through check-ins and email.  Check-ins are something I did every long block when we were in school.  Students always say their names, how they are doing, and they answer one question.  It could be any type of question, but it’s how I learn about students from who loves music, to favorite movies, personal tastes, and unique attributes.  It’s been more of a challenge in remote learning, but we’ve been able to do a few and sometimes even asking a quick question in the chat is fun.  My students have been amazing with keeping their cameras on and sharing in class so I do feel like given the circumstances, I know them more than I thought I would during this time.

JK: How many years have you been teaching in general, and where else other than Wachusett if applicable?
SK: I have been teaching for 22 years total. My first two years I taught at Leominster High School. 

JK: What do you miss most from before quarantine?
SK: Human connection! I miss seeing my colleagues in the morning and walking through the halls of Wachusett in the morning and saying hello to the same kids along my path who find the same nook to sit in every morning.  Mostly, for school, I miss chatting with the kids before and after class.  I miss their laughter and their venting and their funny stories.  I miss the smiles and seeing their handwriting rather than typed font. I miss old students popping their head into my class on their way to their classes just to say hello.  It seems simple, but I miss it. 

JK: What do you like to do during your downtime or relaxation time?
SK: First, I make an effort to get outside and talk long walks at least 5 times a week.  I try to get about 4 miles in. I love the idea of breathing in fresh air and walking to clear the mind.  Second,  I love to watch TV before I go to bed!  I love good movies and series and get excited to watch them before I go to bed at night

JK: What is one unique or interesting fact about yourself?
SK: Funny: When I watch a really scary scene during a horror movie, I mute it and watch the scene first. The music stresses me out more than the scene! I then rewind it and watch it again with sound on to get the full experience- but I know what to expect the second time around.  Serious: Osterville, Cape Cod is one of my favorite places on this earth. My husband and I hope to retire there one day.