Ms. Sarah Lefebvre


Photo courtesy of Sarah Lefebvre

Teacher spotlight: Mrs. Lefebvre

Ms. Sarah Lefebvre is a longtime English teacher at the Regional. Here are some questions to get to know her better and maybe help students to know her better as well. She agreed to answer some questions for them, and these are her responses.

GB: How long have you been teaching at Wachusett?
SL: 11 years!

GB: How do you like to get to know your students?
SL: I enjoy talking to them before or after class about whatever is on their minds. But I also feel like I get a really great opportunity to learn about my students through our discussions of books. Books bring up so many important topics, themes, issues that are relevant to my students.

GB: How many years have you been teaching in general, and where else other than Wachusett if applicable?
SL: I have been teaching for a total of 12 years . My first year – before I came to Wachusett – I taught in Plymouth, MA.

GB: What do you miss the most from before quarantine?
SL: I miss being able to travel! I missed going on vacation this summer with my family.

GB: What do you like to do during your down time or relax time?
SL: I like to read, watch television, listen to podcasts, and play with my kids.

GB: What is one unique or interesting fact about yourself?
SL: I went to Wachusett and graduated in 2005.