Science teacher embarks on mission to save planet


Photo courtesy of Pexels

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

For the one Environmental Science teacher, recycling has transformed from a passion to a way of life. 

“I try to make less trash as a family,” said Jennifer Drew. “It [reducing waste] is an ongoing challenge and is easy to over consume in the way we live as citizens. I purchased reusable bags and I buy stuff in bulks for less packaging. I also live in a smaller home to preserve heat, as it makes it easier to heat up.”

Drew said she tries to help her students form good recycling habits. 

“For my class, recycle bins are all around the room. I encourage people to use them,” said Drew. “I don’t like plastic bottles, but if someone had one in class, I wouldn’t call them out. I personally use a reusable one.” 

Senior Jeremiah Marc said Drew inspired him to be more aware of recycling. 

“She inspired me to recycle because it makes Earth better,” said Marc.

Senior Desiree Callahan said she, too, felt inspired by Drew. 

“I have always recycled, however, since Mrs. Drew’s class I believe I have recycled a lot more in my house and have paid more attention to what is and isn’t recyclable,” said Callahan. “Instead of plastic water bottles, I have started to use reusable cups.”

Drew said she wants to protect the Earth and to help the generations that follow.

“I am passionate about passing Earth on for generations like you. I want clean air and water for everyone,” said Drew. “As a country we should reuse and recycle. We [environmentalists] try to make people feel bad for their actions, but I don’t think that making people feel guilty is an effective way to make change.”