Wachusett wellness day successfully raises staff and student spirits


Anastasia Hocurscak

Here, freshman Anastasia Hocurscak takes part in the zentangle class of the Wachusett Wellness Day.

In the midst of an ongoing pandemic and the ever-changing world, the Regional held an event to assist students and staff with some of the burdens of the last year. 

The March Wellness Day put mental health first and helped many Mountaineers develop a better understanding of their emotional well-being.

“It began as an idea from a member of the senior class who met with Mrs. Clark and Mr. Beando.  The student passed along some great ideas around wellness and mental health,” said BRYT counselor Jordan Young. “Mrs. Clark then passed on the information to the counseling department where multiple team members took the lead in reaching out to local presenters to gather a list of potential options for students and staff.”

The event offered workshops focusing on relaxation and ways to be more conscious of emotional health and energy.

“Any opportunity to find strategies for how to take care of ourselves and each other is a great thing,” said principal William Beando. 

Both students and staff attended the three one hour presentations.

“I always like to find activities that staff and students can get involved in together,” said Beando. “It helps strengthen our community.”

English teacher Lynn Leschke said she found the event valuable.

“I absolutely would attend the Wellness Day workshops again. I enjoyed each of the presentations I went to and got something beneficial out of each one. I attended the Zentangles, Mindfulness Photography, and Gratitude Practice sessions. There seemed to be a great variety of options to choose from and the presenters I saw were well prepared and engaging,” said Leschke.

Held after classes ended on Wednesday, March 10th, the Wellness Day attracted only a limited number of students.

“My only disappointment was that I didn’t see too many students in my sessions, and I heard that from others,” said Leschke. “I hope that more students attend next year.”

Junior Braden Murphy contributed to this article.