Regional’s main office welcomes new staff

In big schools, multiple employees – including main office secretaries – help to maintain the school’s organization, communication, and operation each day. 

Multiple secretaries are needed as the school is so big it is easy to be overwhelmed. One person cannot do everything alone,” said sophomore Katrina Szarama. 

Main office secretaries Kelly Trefry and Jessica Smith began working at the Regional early in the school year.

“This is my very first experience working as a secretary,” said Smith. “I have been at Wachusett for about five months.” 

Smith’s desk sits across from Trefry’s, who has also been at the school for a short period of time. 

“I am brand new to Wachusett this year. I previously worked at Davis Hill,” said Trefry. 

Throughout the day, both Smith and Trefry said they do their best to help keep the school more organized by completing different tasks that need to get done. 

“Every day varies, which is something I love about this job. Mornings are the busiest, filled with checking in tardy students, getting morning announcements together, and issuing student day passes. Afternoons are also very busy with phone calls, dismissals, and getting things ready for the next school day,” said Trefry. 

Students said they recognize the important role these staff members play.

“The school wouldn’t be as put together [without secretaries]. There would be a lot less communication between parents and the school,” said senior Isabel Greenfield. 

According to students, the type of environment created in the main office leaves a mark when entering and leaving the office throughout the day. 

“The secretaries lead you to have a more positive day. Seeing a welcoming face can improve your day from the start,” said junior Brynn Pinkes. 

Sophomore Nikki Franco agreed. 

“The atmosphere of the main office creates a more welcoming and safe environment,” said Franco. 

Principal William Beando said he has also witnessed their impact on how well the school functions. 

“The secretaries are the glue that holds us [the school] together,” said Beando. “Without them, we would be very sloppy and disorganized.” 

The secretaries also work alongside the teachers to help out with what they need. 

 “When I first started teaching here, I was told to learn the secretaries’ names as soon as possible, specifically principal Beando’s secretary,” said Spanish teacher Erin DeStratis. “It was the most important advice I received.”