New administrator excited to work with Mountaineers


Paige Williams

Mrs. Becki DeMarco is a new assistant principal at Wachusett Regional High School.

When Mountaineers came back to school at the end of August, they found a surprising absence – assistant principal Andrew Costa had not returned with them.

A new administrator arrived to fill this vacancy – assistant principal Rebecca “Becki” DeMarco – who was offered the position after a lengthy interview process during the summer.

“We all participated in the interviews and we all asked questions of the candidates, then we gave input to Mr. Beando and he made his decision,” said English department head Lynn Leschke. “It was kind of an open discussion.”

While many of the applicants seemed promising, Leschke felt that DeMarco aligned most with her values.

“I was looking for someone who would be supportive in the English department’s curriculum and with teachers in general,” said Leschke. “I appreciated Ms. DeMarco’s philosophies on teaching and education the most, and for me it made it an easy decision.”

Principal William Beando agreed that the decision did not prove difficult.

“There was a good amount of candidates who applied, and Ms. DeMarco was one of three finalists,” said Beando. “The choice seemed pretty clear-cut after meeting with the three.”

Since DeMarco’s hiring, she has brought a new perspective – and new skills – to the Regional.

“She previously worked as a tech integrator so she knows her way around technology,” said senior Ander Prachniak, who works in the tech support office. “She definitely knows what she’s doing.” 

Main office secretary Kelly Trefry said that she felt optimistic about DeMarco’s computer skills.

“I think that having her here is going to be helpful in having some of our paper-based things be more digital,” said Trefry.

DeMarco elaborated on her technological background.

“I’ve only worked at vocational schools before, and I have a background as an instructional technology teacher,” said DeMarco. “I was a coach for teachers, and I coached them how to teach virtually and hybrid during quarantine.”

DeMarco began involving herself with the school community even before the academic year started.

“All the music department officers were here the week before school began, helping to set up the music department,” said junior Paige Newell. “She came in with Mrs. DeSimone and she seemed interested in what we were doing.” 

On the first day of school, DeMarco gave a presentation to the incoming class of 2026.

“She talked about the expectations for us as freshmen and what it meant to represent Wachusett,” said freshman Caroline Melnick. “She seems strict, but that’s good for an administrator.” 

On top of her administrative work, DeMarco has also helped students with their personal concerns.

“I had to talk to her about someone who was bothering me,” said sophomore Mia Rauktis. “She made me feel very comfortable and sure that something would be done about it.” 

However, some students said that they felt surprised to learn about the new addition to the administration.

“I would like to know more about her [DeMarco]. I feel like there should have been an announcement,” said senior Ahlanna Berryman. “The administrators should do more to be known by students.”

DeMarco said she is working to become more familiar to Mountaineers.

“I have a lot of goals, but I want to focus them on students,” said DeMarco. “Students are the foundation of the school community. I like to partner with them.”