The Regional welcomes new teachers


Paige Williams

New teachers Julie Abbascia (Left), Liz Cirillo (Middle), and Marlon Perez (Right).

On the first day of school approximately 400 freshmen and 10 teachers walked into the Regional for the first time. 

While ninth graders attend Freshman Seminar for support, the rookie teachers attend the New Teacher Training Program.

Assistant Principal DeSimone described this program: “WRSD in conjunction with WRHS provides a 3 day orientation for new teachers prior to the start of the school year. This year the WRHS orientation cohort is made up of 10 new teachers, of which 9 have prior teaching experience. Thus the monthly after school WRHS New Teacher sessions provide for interesting discussions based on their previous experiences.”

Wachusett boasts an enrollment of 1935 students, which appealed to some of the new teachers. 

“I really like the size. There are lots of people to share ideas with,” said Physics teacher Steven Sousa. ”I was the only Physics teacher at West Boylston.”

English teacher Krista Yeaton agreed. 

“The fact is that there are more resources, as well as other teachers to talk and share ideas with here at Wachusett,” said Yeaton.

The new Physical Education teacher, Nick Adams, expressed his appreciation for the Regional’s focus on students.   

 “I like how the administration deals with things. It’s very student-centered, and the student focus is incredible. This makes my life so much easier,” said Adams.

Adams played football in college and wants his students to enjoy being active. 

“I love working with young people, and Wachusett offers something unique and not seen around the state,” said Adams. “I had high expectations, and they have been exceeded. I love it here.”

Yeaton taught at Lexington and Framingham last year before coming to the Regional.  

“I got into teaching because I think kids need role models, especially after the pandemic. The classroom is the place where everything should be shared, and for students to express their feelings,” said Yeaton.

Freshman Travis Laidlaw said he feels comfortable in Yeaton’s class.

“Mrs. Yeaton cares about her students, and helps them learn. She wants to make them better people,” said Laidlaw.

New and younger teachers appeal to many students in certain areas.

“I’ve had many young and new teachers, including one this year,” said junior Elena LeRoux. “They are always high energy and very motivated, and make sure everyone is on task and focused.”

Sophomore Joe Tirimacco agreed. 

“I like young teachers. They are more relatable for me, and they understand technology better,” said Tirimacco.

Freshman Madison Hiitt had a similar opinion on the younger teachers.  “Young teachers understand me better. They are so much better with technology, and are simply cooler.”

Administrators also enjoy new teachers. 

”WRHS does our best to recruit and retain teachers who are motivated, life long learners and who enjoy working with teenagers,” said DeSimone.