Students and faculty plan for summer sunshine, good times

Jake Green, Staff Reporter

When the final bell rings on June 16, both students and faculty will put down their textbooks and embrace their summer plans.

“Not having to worry about school will feel great,” said freshman Lila Riley. “I’m excited to be able to sleep in and go to the beach. I love how warm summer is.” 

Social Studies teacher Sarah King said she plans on enjoying her break around the East Coast.

“I’m most looking forward to time with my family and our trips to the Cape, Maine, and to Disney World,” said King. 

Assistant principal Victoria DeSimone said she, too, has a busy summer planned, which includes travel and relaxation. 

“We’re going to Fort Myers, Florida as well as Kennebunk, Maine and Alexandria, Virginia to see my daughter,” said DeSimone. “I love the long summer days and the mornings where I don’t have to rush. I get to walk my dogs, have a coffee and read a book out on the deck.”

King said the importance of summer break cannot be overstated.

“Students are always on from the end of August to the beginning of June. They are asked to give 100 percent for the entire day, which mostly consists of school. Adults are encouraged to leave work at work, while students are expected to continue to do school work at home,” said King. “Students thrive on sunlight and freetime, and summer break allows them to have that.”

Senior Jenna Schwarz said she will be spending a lot of time with the people she cares about before leaving for her new home in September at The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

“This summer I plan on having a blast with my friends before going to college. A lot of great memories will be made for sure,” said Schwarz. 

Senior Meghan Kenney, who will be attending The University of Connecticut in the fall, agreed.

“I know that this summer might be the last time me and my high school friends will all be together so we have to make the most of it,” said Kenney. “We’re all going to see Pitbull in August, right before we leave for college.”

Senior Cassidy Remillard said it will be difficult leaving home at the end of summer to continue her education at The University of New Hampshire.

“I feel like this is my last childhood summer. I’ll have to say goodbye to my family in August so spending as much time with them is important,” said Remillard.

DeSimone said she hopes that students put the phones away and take this summer to spend time with friends outside and make memories away from social media. 

“I hope students would want these real life connections. We all need fresh air and sunshine for both our emotional and physical beings,” said DeSimone. “Turning off the phones is important.”