Swidey stays spry amid scourge


James Ryan

Every great runner has a great pair of running shoes!

Raymond McDermott, Staff Reporter

At a time when many adults have abandoned their gym memberships and put on the Covid 20,  one Mountaineer teacher has remained dedicated to working out every day. 

Math teacher Lynn Swidey said she started her adventure of fitness in high school, where she ran track every season with her four sisters. 

“We were all very competitive with each other through our sports, but track was what we all had in common. We always pushed each other to run as much as possible to get better,” said Swidey.

Ever since then, Swidey said she has fallen into a daily routine of working out. 

“I wake up every day around 5:30 a.m. and head to my basement to lift weights,” said Swidey. 

Swidey said she runs at least five miles a day – always outside. 

“I hate the treadmill. When I’m running I love the feeling of the fresh air and all the sights there are outside,” said Swidey. “When I run, I use the time to think about my life, things ranging from how I should plan my next lesson to the ingredients I need to make dinner.” 

Depending on the season, Swidey said she also swims half miles and goes on bike rides with friends and family.

“I work out not just to be in shape and have time to focus on myself, but so I can also eat whatever I want and not feel worried about it,” said Swidey. “I want to be able to have a piece of cake at a birthday party or open a bag of chips while watching TV without having to worry about it at all.”