What adults should know about us – volume 3

  1. We as teenagers are often labeled as impulsive or that we don’t think things through enough. The reason we seem this way is interestingly: because we are in fact the opposite. We are up in our heads all the time and think things through too much. In fact, we overthink. We have what to say and what to do and how to act all planned out step by step, but because we are not allowed to be in control of our own lives yet, we are thrown into a different situation so abruptly that we don’t have time to collect all those thoughts and therefore act impulsively. 


  1. Adults often say millennials and gen z are lazy while we are in fact the ones who have to work the hardest to fix the world that you broke and are now too lazy to fix.


  1. I would like you to stop and think for a second about the oxymoron you have created when saying we are old enough to take on responsibilities when it is convenient for you, but too young to responsibly make our own decisions when it is not convenient for you. 


  1. How are we supposed how to follow our dreams at such a young age when our world isn’t expanded enough to know what possible dreams are out there? (explanation: If you’ve only ever lived in a place without a computer and never had access to one, how are you supposed to know your dream is to be a graphic designer? How are you supposed to know where in the world you want to live if you’ve never been outside your state, or your country? We’re too young to have experienced that many things yet, so the expectation for kids to know what they want to do in life with having experienced almost nothing is very interesting to me.)


  1. I just want to remind the world that if you’re kind to someone, they’ll remember that. Always. Even if you think it didn’t matter or was insignificant. They’ll remember. And if you do something hurtful, they’ll remember that too. So if you have a choice: choose kind. Always choose kind.