What adults should know about us – volume 2

  1. We understand that that you are trying, we see that, we appreciated it, but you cannot tell us to acknowledge your efforts while simultaneously creating a system in which you say we are never enough. Along with this, sometimes trying isn’t enough, sometimes you will fail us, it is inevitable, but you must acknowledge when you do and lead by example. 


  1. You have to try to learn to stop judging us by the standards of your time. This does not mean your opinion doesn’t matter, but things change. You cannot judge an iPhone by the same standards that you use to judge a rotary phone, they are different. 


  1. Sometimes we will fail you, as well, but if that failure comes in the form of not meeting your expectations of who we’d become, you must step back and evaluate whether or not it was true failure or us becoming our own people. 


  1. Try not to peer pressure us and then complain when we fall to the pressure of others, you cannot stifle our individuality and then complain we have none. 


  1. You were us once, and we will be you someday. Both of us need to remember this.