Mr. Daniel Paradise

Daniel Paradise has taught science at the Regional for the past six years.


Can you describe your teaching experience?

I’ve been teaching for 8 years – one year as a long term sub at WRHS, 1 year at Saint Peter Marian and then the last six back at WRHS.


How do you get to know your students? 

I like getting to know my students through class interactions and just talking with them.


What do you miss most from before quarantine?

What I miss most is getting to be in the same room as my friends and seeing my students in person, also just being able to go out in public! 


What do you like to do during your downtime or relaxation time?

My ideal down time would be hiking, hammocking, reading, writing, journaling, and some time playing my switch.


What is one unique or interesting fact about yourself? 

I’m the 4th person in Apple genius training history to ever score a perfect 100% on both hardware and software tests.