Jillian Russo

In the H100 hallway Mountaineers can find a teacher who has passion for teaching children and playing semi-professional sports. 

“[Child Study teacher] Mrs. [Jillian] Russo is an awesome teacher,” said junior Jillian Beando. “She really takes an interest in her students’ lives and is able to give advice as she went through similar experiences, all while teaching us so much about working in a preschool.” 

Junior Sydney Lyne agreed. 

“Mrs. Russo has a very hands on teaching style that puts us right into real life experiences and learning how to deal with them [the kids],” Lyne said. “She is a very relatable teacher and cares a lot about her students. She always asks about our days and helps us in any way she can. She’s really awesome.” 

Russo has not only impacted her students, but also her fellow faculty members. This  includes and loves working alongside Russo. 

“We collaborate a lot for our two Partnership classes,” said Meghan Tinsley, who teaches Health and Child Study Seminar. “But we are also friends and enjoy occasionally getting together outside of school.” 

Jason Kusy, department head of the Partnership Program, hired Russo three years ago and said he couldn’t be happier with his decision.

“You can’t fake being a good teacher. You need to have passion and invest in the success of your students,” Kusy said. “She [Russo] is all in with her students. She cares a lot about them. We are lucky to have her.”

After the school day ends Russo plays soccer at an elite level.

“Sports have always been a passion of mine since I was younger,” Russo said. “I started playing premier soccer at a very young age and continued through college while also participating in track, basketball, and softball.” 

Russo never thought her athletic career would exist past college, but then the coach of the Spirit of Liverpool semi-professional soccer team reached out to her. 

“Sports are great for social, emotional health,” said Russo. “That was a major factor in why I took Bernie [owner of Liverpool] up on this offer.”