What adults should know about us – volume 6

1. Our schedules aren’t easy. Even though all of our schedules vary, no matter how busy we are outside of school, we also spend a majority of our time doing homework or studying. The stress of life combined with school is tiring.
2. I’m doing homework. I don’t have time for family time. We do want to be around you. We are busy too. We want to watch a movie with you or talk but we can’t. School overpowers our time. Homework takes over our schedules and we can’t always find time just to talk with you. Believe us, it’s nothing personal.
3. Teachers should not use slang; you’re not as cool and up to date as you think you are. Don’t tell me that Romeo is sus or that George Washington was lit.
4. When students miss deadlines, don’t assume we are lazy or can’t manage time properly. Instead, give us the benefit of the doubt. Life happens to us too.
5. We understand certain aspects of life pretty well, and, at this point, we have our own life experience. There is a difference between giving us advice and being condescending.
6. If at a random time during the day every teenager around you takes a picture, that is because of Be Real. Be Real is an app where users are given a period of two minutes to take a picture. The short time span allows you to see the non-Instagrammable moments of others’ lives.
7. If I stay up late doing homework, it’s because I actually have a lot of homework to do, not because I’m being unproductive or fooling around on my phone.