What adults should know about us – volume 4

  1. Mental health looks different for everyone. Just because you don’t understand what’s going on in someone’s head does not mean that it isn’t real. Many people just need someone to listen once to them and a while so they don’t keep everything inside. 


  1. Do something that makes you happy every day. Even if it’s just something little, if you have a miserable day, you will remember you had a bad day but also that one good thing you did. Life’s too short to be sad or angry all the time. 


  1. Get out of the house once in a while. Fresh air is good for the soul and it is healthy to go out and interact with people other than your family. Even if you retreat to your own little corner of the house, it is good to go out and walk around and explore and be yourself without pressure from anyone else.


  1. Find a balance between helping others and helping yourself. If you try to help everyone you know, you will be exhausted and drained of motivation. If you only help yourself, you won´t have friends to hang out with or to help you when you need help. Finding a good balance between the two will help you keep a strong social life and maintain healthy relationships.


  1. Hug your siblings once in a while. They’re going through the same hard things you are, anything from school to people to life. Even if you don’t have the best relationship, they appreciate your presence and the fact that you are there for them.