Crowded cafeteria warrants unconventional seating


Crowded Cafeteria Seating

Every day lunch lines wind between tables while students struggle to navigate through the clusters of people waiting for their friends to claim a table. 

So some students said they have taken to finding alternate seating options when it comes time for lunch. 

“I try to sit outside whenever possible,” said freshman Alyssa Kruger. “It’s not as loud, and there aren’t very large groups of students.” 

Sophomore Iolana Phillips-Rodriguez also chooses a different setting. 

“I usually go to the hallway outside the cafeteria. It’s quieter than the cafeteria, and the cafeteria can sometimes be bothersome,” said Philips-Rodriquez. 

Although crowded, underclassmen admit they enjoy the difference between the cafeterias in the high school and the ones in the middle schools. 

“I prefer the high school cafeteria, because there is a larger space and more variety for seating,” said Phillips-Rodriguez. “I always have the option to choose whether I want to eat with other people, or if I would rather be by myself.” 

While some students have shown a preference for the outdoors, many Mountaineers said they still prefer indoor dining.

“I like to have lunch inside, mostly because I’ve constantly been attacked by bees when I’m outside,” said junior Teresa Pham. “Students who eat outside want more space, while students who stay inside are open to talking with more people.”