Students actively participate in politics


Kelsey Harris

Wide Awake Protest with Wachusett students

In the early morning hours of Saturday, October 24th, a group of local teenagers stood together outside of Holden Town Hall holding handmade signs with the words “Vote,” “Which Side Are You On?,” “Vote 4 Our Future,” and more. 

Known as a “Wide Awake”, the political statement connects to the history of a larger movement.  In the 1860s pro-abolitionist youth groups called out slave-supporting politicians in the dead of night and criticized political parties. 

The Sunrise Worcester Youth Hub comes from the larger Sunrise Movement, which has become a prominent movement around the country. During recent times – especially during the summer of 2020 – the group has worked to continue the legacy of those who called out politicians all those years ago and has expanded to fight against many issues that affect our youth. Since teenagers cannot take office, they instead take to the streets and protest for politicians to make things right. 

The first wide awake protest of the Sunrise Movement took place in Louisville, the home town of Breonna Taylor – a Black woman shot and killed in her own home in the dead of night by police. Since then, youth across the country have stood together to fight for minority groups, for an end to racial violence, for equal rights for all, for the eradication of poverty, for treatments and cures for Covid-19, and for legislation to combat climate change.

The Worcester Youth Hub gathered in October with the purpose of showing politicians that they hold them accountable for the environmental conditions of the world today.  The teens also urged those who can vote to do so. They hope to influence voters to protect the planet and convince politicians to make decisions that will positively impact the environment, which the youth of today will later inherit. 

Despite their young age, they said they will not let themselves be silenced.


For more information on this group you can follow their Instagram pages:

Official Instagram of the Sunrise Movement: @sunrisemvmt

Official Instagram of the Sunrise Youth Hub in Worcester County: @sunrise_worcester_youth