Students support “Fearless” Swift

This April, music performer Taylor Swift re-released her country album Fearless, which was first released in 2008. 

“We [her fans] knew she would be re-releasing her albums, but it was a surprise Fearless came first rather than chronologically with her debut album,” said senior Kalliyan Greevy.

Scott Borchetta, owner of Taylor Swift’s label, sold her masters to music manager Scooter Braun without her consent, giving Braun ownership over her first six albums. 

“I don’t think it [selling her masters] was right because it’s her songs and she put the work in,” said senior Amanda Larose. “It’s like stealing someone’s painting and taking the credit.”

In June 2019, Swift announced to her fans that she held the legal right to re-release her music and would be doing so, in an effort to combat the sale.

“The whole point is to devalue what Scooter now owns,” said Greevy.

Last February, Swift announced on Good Morning America that her second album, Fearless, would be re-released in the spring. 

“I’m excited. She had an Instagram post where she hid the release date. She capitalized random letters and they spelled out April ninth,” said Larose.

The re-release of her songs sets an example throughout the entire music industry. 

“It empowers smaller artists to be more proactive about owning their own work and to beware of predatory contracts,” said Greevy.

Since beginning her career in 2006, Taylor Swift has released a total of nine albums.

“I’ve been listening to her ever since she was on the radio. She’s been around for so long,” said Larose. 

Swift’s discography spans many different genres from country to pop to alternative and indie. 

“I think a lot of people should respect her just because she writes her own songs and a lot of artists don’t,” said science teacher Cindy Sparks. 

Swift’s debut album faced some criticism due to her not writing enough of the music. But she made her third album, Speak Now, entirely herself. 

“I’m in awe of her writing abilities, especially at that young of an age,” said Greevy. “It [the re-release] is exciting for those who are fans, but don’t necessarily love her pop music or more recent indie music.”

Swift has also won 11 Grammy awards over the years, winning the first one at only twenty years of age. This success did not come without consequence.

“A lot of her criticisms come from the fact that she is a successful woman,” said Greevy. “People like to hate on Taylor Swift because she’s done a lot.”

Swift described the misogyny she faces from the media in her 2020 documentary, Miss Americana. 

“I feel like people just hate on her because she’s a celebrity,” said Larose. “She’s a nice person. I don’t think she deserves it [the criticism].” 

Swift has also built a reputation for herself of being very involved with her fans and their lives.

“Back when I went to her concert, she talked a lot to the young girls in the crowd and had a fantastic message,” said science teacher Nicole Hahn. “She sounded very genuine in the message she was trying to get across.”

Swift has stood up for herself in feuds before.

“I think she’s a great role model because she presents herself as pretty strong. This action shows she is smart too,” said Sparks. “Smart and strong. I’m all for that.”