Becker recalls blissful and baneful life experiences


Kyla Ormsbee

Mr. Becker is a world-record scrabble player!

Science teacher and former Mountaineer student, Robert Becker, had initially planned to pursue medicine before discovering his passion for teaching. 

“I realized that teaching would be really rewarding and enjoyable,” said Becker. 

Multi-talented and well read, this AP Biology teacher also competes against national opponents in his role as a competitive Scrabble champion.

“It [Scrabble] is such a very different game at the very competitive level,” said Becker.  “An average score at the very competitive level is like 400 points per player, [and] if you know someone who is a good player at their house, they might never have 400 points ever in the game, and yet at the very competitive level that is an average score,” said Becker. 

Becker said he has had some recent challenges in life.

“There was a catastrophic fire at my house. Nobody was home, but the house was basically completely destroyed,” said Becker. 

Just a month after this fire and while on vacation, Becker experienced dizziness and an inability to keep his balance. Becker said he went to the hospital where doctors informed him that he had had a stroke.

“A blood clot went from one side of my heart to the other and ended up in my brain and caused that issue,” said Becker. 

Six months later he had heart surgery and, as of today, has fully recovered.

“So the pandemic is actually not so bad considering that that year was worse,” said Becker.