Mountaineers remember two Boston sports legends

This article was written before Tom Brady announced his return to the NFL. 

In the month of February alone, sports fans at the high school have seen two prominent athletes retire: former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask.

Many Mountaineers spent their childhoods watching Tom Brady lead the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl championships.

“He [Brady] has been the number one sports role model for me,” said senior Ryan Carroll. “Brady inspired me to be the best I can be. He wasn’t just a good player – he was the best player.”

Junior Andrew Hickey said he understands the important legacy Brady has left behind for teenage sports fans.

“He taught me to work harder at my goals and I will get them done,” said Hickey. “He motivates me through his work ethic.” 

Brady’s retirement left some students asking for more appreciation for the Patriots organizations and its fans. 

“In the beginning he [Brady] brought me so much joy,” said senior Pete Joslyn. “But then he left us, and in his retirement he didn’t even mention the Pats, so right now he’s on thin ice with me.” 

Sophomore Ruari Sullivan said he also does not believe Brady showed enough love towards Pats Nation.

“I loved watching him every Sunday and all those Super Bowls,” said Sullivan. “I don’t think he showed enough gratitude toward the Pats in his retirement. I hope he makes up for that.”

Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask’s retirement came after a difficult battle with an ongoing injury.

“When athletes come back from injuries it can go either way,” said assistant principal Michael Pratt. “There’s some perseverance to get back there and that has to be respected.”

Joslyn said he believes that Rask deserves respect from Boston fans. 

“Tuukka is the model of consistency and he worked hard as a Bruin. He never got the Bruins the cup as a starter, but he’s still a Hall of Famer. He left on good terms and stuck by Boston,” said Joslyn. “He showed us determination and he kept pushing to be that guy.”

Although Rask played his entire career in Boston, Pratt said he won’t be remembered too fondly by teenagers.

“I don’t know if Tuukka will have a legacy with the high schoolers. He never led them to a ring and that goes a long way with Boston fans,” said Pratt. “Boston is a tough place to play and he gets overshadowed by Bruins goalies like Tim Thomas and Andy Moog or Reggie Lemelin.”