Varsity hockey sees success


Hockey players celebrate with fans.

Throughout the 2022 – 2023 season, varsity hockey has had a successful year which they hope to turn into a championship. Having already enjoyed many wins, the players feel that they owe their accomplishments to team bonding, mentality, and hard work.
Senior and varsity captain Dennis Jardine says that effective leadership heightens morale for the team.
“I like to keep a positive attitude, which I think then makes everyone else positive overall,” Jardine said.

Junior captain Parker Meyer agrees with this sentiment.
“Good morale is helping us win games. The chemistry is strong, definitely firing everyone up,” said Meyer.
The 2019 season was the last time Wachusett won a state championship, but Meyer is confident in their chances for 2023.
“We have a good chance in the playoffs, we are using this [motivation] to win games,” said Meyer.
Hockey Coach Matthew Lane also said there is good reason to believe they have a chance to advance in the playoffs this year.
“As with every season, we hope to go as far as we possibly can in the playoffs,” said Lane. “We currently have 11 wins with only four losses, so I think we have a great shot.”
Despite their winning record, the team has had its ups and downs this season, as described by Lane.“So far the high point of the season was winning the Boro’s Cup Tournament against Algonquin in overtime,” Lane said. “The low point was probably losing to Concord Carlisle in the finals of the Battle Road Classic Tournament.”
Senior and captain Braeden McKenzie says the Boro’s Cup Tournament was definitely a high point of the season.
“It was a very exciting moment and a great shot from Thomas Willman to clinch the championship,” said McKenzie. “All the boys were pumped for such a big win.”
With winning games comes pressure, but sophomore varsity player Matt Bjorkman says he feels little pressure as one of the youngest on the team, saying that the natural leadership of the players gives him confidence.“We have a good and tight group, and I know they have my back when things get wrong,” said Bjorkman. “Many of the boys on the team are leaders, which is shown through our play. Practice and seeing the boys is what I look forward to everyday.”
Jardine said he aims to lead the team to a deep postseason stint come February.
“The goal is to make the playoffs, and hopefully make a run for the cup,” Jardine said.

Last year, according to Lane, the team scored 51 goals in 18 games. This year, they already have 58 goals in only 15 games. In addition to an incredibly productive offense, Lane credits various team assets for their wins.
“We have solid defense with a lot of veteran players, and our goaltending has been much better than anticipated,” said Lane.
The players are excited for their chances this year, but non-seniors also look forward to taking what they have learned this year to future seasons.
“I’m ready to lead the team senior year,” said Meyer. “Dennis [Jardine] and Braeden McKenzie have taught me maturity and leadership as a whole.”