Varsity baseball team hopes new coach will prove to be the formula for success


The end of March brought green grass, blue skies, warmer weather and, for many Mountaineer athletes, the start of the spring sports season. For baseball players and fans, all eyes will be on the team’s new head coach – math teacher Jeffrey Kodys.

“I coached freshman baseball [here at Wachusett] and also coached the junior varsity team at Worcester Technical High School,” said Kodys. “I helped coach the football team with Coach Dubz. But I’ve always been more of a baseball guy.” 

Senior and varsity captain Mike Simes said Kodys has been someone he has looked up to and a coach that athletes respect. 

“We’re very optimistic about Coach Kodys and we’re happy with a familiar face,” said Simes. “I had him as a football coach and he was a great leader. I’m happy he will be leading us into war this season.”

Kodys said that creating a bond with his players will be important to establish in the coming weeks. 

“Tweaking your coaching style for the players you have is necessary for a high school coach. You’re not going to get the best out of your players if you don’t have a good relationship with them,” said Kodys. 

After a disappointing end to last year’s season with a third round loss in the state playoffs, senior captain Eli Robbins said he wants a better outcome for the team this year. 

“I think the combination of a new coach and a majority of the roster coming back will help this season,” said Robbins. “Our practices didn’t prepare us well enough for the tough opponents we had last season. This year I’m expecting more efficient practices to help the team grow.”

Senior Ally Toro said that coaches cannot always be nice and have to be strict when necessary. 

“Coaches have to be respectful toward their players, but they also have to be harsh sometimes,” said Toro. “They have to make the players perform better and if they’re too nice the players won’t take them seriously.” 

Junior Patrick McGugan said that coaches not only have to lead their players, but teach them how to play their respective sports positively. 

“I was taught how to improve my play and how to get into a good mindset,” said McGugan, who plays varsity ice hockey for Wachusett. “A good coach should be respectful and encouraging. I feel like the coach can set the tone. He can get the players in a good mindset and be a leader for them.” 

As a former junior varsity baseball coach at Tantasqua Regional High School, assistant principal Michael Pratt has past experience on the field. 

 “A good coach has to know the game, They have to know how to relate and teach the game. If you can’t relate to the players, then you’re going nowhere,” said Pratt. “Coaches should model how players should approach the game. If a coach is screaming at other coaches or the umpires, the players will do the same.” 

With Covid-19 coming to an end, Coach Kodys said he plans on a refreshing new normal with his players this spring. 

“We should be up there in the hunt for a state championship with help from our strong senior class,” said Kodys. “With a strong season, hopefully this will lead to us having enthusiastic students and athletes in the baseball program.”