Seniors demonstrate leadership on and off the field


Nora Kiernan

Senior players after practice at Wachusett Regional High School

Most students think of football as a Friday night tradition. Other Mountaineers see it as a high intensity sport. But, for some varsity athletes, the game is about leadership.

“This team is highly motivated and hardworking and is led by incredible leadership,” said head coach of the varsity football team and school counselor Michael Dubzinski.

Varsity football athlete and senior Brendan Liddy emphasized the role of seniors. 

“Seniors are all leaders. When they have a good practice, everyone else does too,” said Liddy. “Hustling in practice shows the younger kids what to do.”

Senior and varsity football player Manny Njendahkunz agreed.

“My mindset as a leader is to give a good example and show a good example,” said Njendahkunz.

 The seniors this year had a big influence on younger players. 

“They [seniors] have a big, positive impact on the younger players,” said sophomore and varsity football player Owen Powers. “Matt Raeke, Tucker McDonald, and Aiden McGeary all have dedication and put in hard work.” 

Junior and varsity football player Matthew Vigeant said he hopes that the eleventh graders will continue this leadership next year. 

“I think we [juniors] have a lot of good players. We can lead the team next year,” said Vigeant.

Principal William Beando said that in addition to leading on the field, he noticed the influence of seniors on the Regional.

“The seniors have a huge impact that can lead to a better school when they act as models,” said Beando. “The seniors set the tone; when they throw their trash away at lunch, the younger kids will follow and learn from the seniors.” 

Junior and varsity basketball player Tommy Rovezzi has appreciated what the seniors have done for him this early in the year. 

“As leaders, they took me under their wing to show how to be role models on and off the court for the underclassmen next year when I am a senior and I think that’s pretty neat,” said Rovezzi.