Streaming services appeal to students over movie theater showings

Showcase Cinema being torn down.

Kaelyn Perry

Showcase Cinema being torn down.

Most people remember sitting in front of the big screen for the first time, whether it was watching The Bee Movie or Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

“Going to the theater is a fun experience because you get to see everyone’s reaction in real time regarding what is happening in the movie,” said freshman Perla Fuentes.

Other Mountaineers said they enjoy the social aspect of the theater.

Showcase Cinema vanishes from existence. Photo by Kaelyn Perry

“I enjoy going to the movies because you can go with your friends,” said senior Abigail Mutinda.

For a while, new blockbuster movies only played in movie theaters, but the rise of big streaming services removed their necessity. 

“I like laying at home watching movies instead of having to go out to a theater,” said junior Tam Truong.

Since the pandemic, new movies have gone straight to streaming services. 

“I prefer streaming movies because I can watch them anywhere I want,” said Mutinda.

Some local movie theaters like Showcase Worcester Cinemas North have closed making it even less convenient. Staying at home to watch movies can be both a comfort and a convenience. 

“I don’t really go to the movies that often because I can just watch them on a device instead of driving all the way out to a theater,” said senior Hillary Asamoah.

In the current economy, even a simple outing like going to the movies can become very expensive.

“With how high gas prices are, driving all the way to the closest movie theater is just an inconvenience,” said Troung.