Homecoming hosts a record number of students


Courtesy of O'Connors Studio

Wachusett students dancing during Homecoming.

With a near record number of attendees, the 2022 WRHS homecoming dance created a buzz among students.

“There were 1300 people, which was the largest dance in a very long time,” said student council advisor Jessica Bahde.

In the past, the student council held the dance in the cafeteria, with the exception of last year because of the Covid 19 pandemic when the event was held outside.

“It was very energetic and fun,” said sophomore Medina Dilts. “But it was hot and sweaty.” 

There were too many guests in attendance for it to be held in the cafeteria, and due to poor weather conditions, it could not be held outside like last year. Organizers of the event took this into consideration, and eventually chose for it to be held in the gymnasium.

 “I preferred it in the gym because, but it still had a lot of problems. I would rate it a 5 out of 10,” said sophomore Kaylie McCarthy. 

Holding the dance held in the gymnasium came with many benefits, such as a larger and more open space and allowing kids to sit on the bleachers instead of at lunch tables. However, this new environment also led to overheating. 

“I liked it being in the gym, but the big hole in the middle of the floor left room for improvement,” said senior Dante Casarede.

Students were not allowed to go on the basketball court as it was newly waxed, so this empty space in the middle of the gymnasium also felt weird for many students.

“I liked the dance being held in the gym and I had a great time,” said junior Chase Garabedian.

Going forward, students are hoping for the basketball court to not be closed off. Besides that, most students enjoyed the dance being held in the gymnasium and are hoping for that to continue in the future.

“It was boring in the beginning,” said freshman Rachel Girouard. “But it became fun when people started dancing and I had fun with my friends.”

Many students felt that the first chunk of the dance was not very entertaining. Not many people were dancing, and a lot of students were doing laps around the gymnasium floor. However, this did not last for long.