Seniors Seek A Class Trip

Senior trips exist for students to give seniors closure on a fun, group trip, but previous senior classes have yet to show an interest in a class trip at the Regional.

“It’s been so long and there was a lack of interest amongst the senior students the last few years with a school field trip,” said math teacher Jennifer Collard.

But this year’s senior students are interested in a senior trip.

“A senior trip would be a fun way to end senior year and a way for all of us to be together. It would be a fun outing with friends and create good memories,” said senior Paige Tower.

But the logistics of a trip can be difficult according to assistant principal Anthony DiBenedetto, who remembers previous trips’ problems.

“The freshman went to Six Flags for a long time, but then Six Flags changed all policies. They wanted a certified bank check and to have so many tickets sold,” said DiBenedetto. “They wanted a contract signed and no one would sign a contract and they wanted a warrant to Texas and no way we would get one. It was normally pretty easy, but became too complicated.”

Despite these obstacles, DiBenedetto said seniors could still have a trip if there was interest.

“Seniors absolutely can try to have one. They can go to their class officers and express interest to the administration. They can get the expenses all written out and see how much everything costs,” said DiBenedetto. 

Senior class advisor and math teacher, Jessica Daoust agreed.

“It’s not too late to plan something. People need to start to express and entertain ideas. Moving forward, the senior class officers need to start showing an interest in a trip,” said Daoust.

Senior Rose O’Malley said she wishes fellow classmates would start to show an investment in a trip. 

“A class trip would be a way to make memories at the end of the year and a way to bond with our class before we leave. It’s a final goodbye and I know I would remember it forever,” said O’Malley.

Senior class advisor and math teacher Lindsey Thunberg agreed.

“We need to create more school spirit at the school and doing a class trip would make senior year a lot more fun. I think a trip could happen with a planning committee of students that can set activities as an annual tradition,” said Thunberg.

But, O’Malley said they remain hesitant that the administration will allow a trip.

“In reality, I don’t think the administration will let us have one. We would have needed to plan it last year, and it’s too short notice. But it would be nice if it happened this school year,” said O’Malley. 

Thunberg disagreed. 

“A day trip is definitely possible, but I don’t think an overnight trip would be. Overnight would have too many legal issues,” said Thunberg. “But I do think that if the freshman class can have a field trip, then the seniors should be able to too.”