Local Band Wins Best Live Performance


Matthew Fish

Midnight Riders preforming at St. Charles Hotel

A new rock and roll band has entered the Central Mass music scene. Called The Midnight Riders, the band is comprised of four Wachusett seniors: Guitarists Joe Collard and Joe Miele, bassist Noah Haber, and drummer Eric Huard. All four members of the band sing vocals. 

The Midnight Riders play at many clubs, restaurants, and events and cover a wide range of music from classic to modern rock.

 They have performed at many local places such as 7 Saws, Baystate Brewery, and a Worcester Railers game. They won the Battle of the Bands at Polar Park– an event where they competed against four other bands and faced judgment by fans and professional radio DJs.                

“Performing at all these places is the best feeling,” said Haber. “We all work so hard and to see it pay off is awesome.”

In November, the Midnight Riders won the official Community Choice Award for the Best Live Performance in Central Mass.

“I was so surprised when we won the award,” said Miele. “I can’t believe people would have voted for us.”

Miele said all the awards and performances result from hours of hard work and dedication.

“We have practiced about an hour a day for the past six years. We as a band have developed so much chemistry,” said Miele.

The band members are responsible for booking their own venues.

“Getting these gigs has taught me a lot about the world of business and interacting with people,” said Haber. “I’ve grown up faster and learned many real world skills that will help me later on.”

Collard added that he sees other benefits to playing in the band.

“It has made me much more confident,” Collard said. “Before I started playing in the band I was very nervous and socially awkward. I have much better social skills now.”

Gaining a following has caused the band to see many similar faces in the crowd.

“There are so many random 30-40 year olds we see every time,” said Miele. “We have no idea who they are, but it’s super cool.”

Haber also appreciates the diversity of the band’s audience. 

”I think so many different types of people come to our shows because we are young but play older music,” he said. “There are our friends, college kids, adults, so many types of people come to our shows. Our music is for everybody.”

Several band members will attend local colleges. They all hope to continue their music making journey.

“I hope to still perform on the weekends,” said Collard.

Haber believes that the band will remain close despite these upcoming changes.  

“We’re going to get together and perform just like we always have,” he said. 

In the future, the band hopes to continue creating their own music. 

“We are working on a lot right now,” said Collard. ”We want to make more original music, and to get in a studio to record.”

Miele is grateful for the impact the band has had on his life. 

“This has been my job and my life for the past four years,” he said. “I have become best friends with my bandmates.”