Store sells school spirit

At the Regional school store, Wachuwearhouse, students buy items to express school spirit. The school store is open Monday through Friday during all four lunch periods. 

“The store really helps with getting the students, families of students, and administration into the school spirit, which makes the school environment a better place to be,” said freshman Lauren Brenn.

The school store sells a variety of clothing and products for students and faculty to purchase.

 “The store’s most popular item is the pajama pants. The problem is that they sell out fast and it takes a while before we get them back in stock,” said sophomore Matthew Bruce. 

The process to acquire the products is lengthy. 

“Before we can get the merchandise we have to get quotes from three vendors and there have been some supply chain issues so it takes a while for the products to come in,” said business teacher and advisor to Wachuwearhouse Ryan Cody.  

The school store only accepts cash and checks as payment, making it difficult for some. Others question the cost of the items in the school store.

“The clothes are very overpriced for the quality of the product. On my sweatshirts, I have seen some of the strings have been coming loose, and I wish there was an online store,” said freshman Colleen Osei.  

One benefit expressed is any student can purchase school merchandise through the store. 

“The good thing about the store is that students that are not in any clubs or sports get a chance to buy some school merchandise at the store,” said Cody. 

According to study hall monitor Jenna Pierce, it lets them practice real word business skills. 

“The school store is a great tool for students to encourage school spirit while teaching them work skills and responsibility. It’s a nice way to be involved within the school community,” said Pierce.

Others believe that the products are worth their price.

“I love the quality of the merchandise. I have sweatshirts that still look new after years of wear!” said Pierce.