The case for Mock Trial


Popular television shows like Law and Order and Damages provide various portrayals of a court case. But students in Mock Trial experience the workings of a criminal trial firsthand. 

The group had a 4-1 record on the year, and reached the Sweet Sixteen round of the Mass Bar Association Mock Trial Tournament. 

Senior Brady Connors attributes the group’s success to their passion for the cases. 

“In my four years doing Mock Trial, this year’s group is the most engaged in each and every trial,” said Connors. 

Other students agree

“[As a witness], I take the stand and answer questions from the attorneys,” said senior Ben Butler. “Although it can be stressful at times, I like testifying before the court.” 

Mock Trial allows students to partake in a simulated court case, competing against other schools and assuming the roles of relevant figures in the trial. 

Senior John Higgins serves as an attorney for the plaintiff.  

“My responsibilities as attorney in the trial are to interview a friendly witness and to cross-examine an opposing attestant,” said Higgins. 

Social Studies teacher and Mock Trial advisor Joseph Jourdain said he believes that involvement in the cases assists students in developing skills that benefit them in all aspects of life.

“Students learn analytical skills, rhetorical constructs, issues of interpreting bias, and public speaking,” said Jourdain.

According to members, Mock Trial provides insight about the inner workings of a criminal trial in a fun and engaging way. The group benefits from having Keith Higgins, who works at Pawlack and Higgens, to assist them in preparing for upcoming meets. 

“I learned from Mock Trial how cross-examining a witness works, and I really enjoy taking part in the process,” said junior Nick Smith. 

Senior Abby Young said that Mock Trial allows students to explore potential careers in an immersive way. 

“I plan to pursue law in college, and the experience I have gained in establishing a case will likely be of use in the future,” said Young. 

Although the senior members have played an integral role in the group’s success this year, freshman Ben Duffy said he feels confident about the future of Mock Trial. 

“Everyone is incredible at their roles this year and works really hard,” said Duffy. “All of the members are very kind and welcoming, so I expect we will get new recruits next year without a problem.”