Streaming shows provides salve for pandemic woes

Watching shows on Netflix has been part of the modern way of life since 1997. But, once quarantine started, people found themselves fully immersed in some of television’s most popular and longest running shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, The Office, and Criminal Minds.

“In quarantine, Grey’s Anatomy helped me because me and my boyfriend would watch it together every night,” said senior Gillian Saulnier.

Other students said watching Netflix helped them relax. 

“In quarantine I watched Tiger King,” said senior Livy Fournier. “It made me laugh during a depressing time.”

Many students found themselves watching at all hours of the day not only for entertainment, but also for a distraction.

“My favorite show is The Vampire Diaries,” said freshman Eleni Tekelis. “Netflix was definitely my go-to for comfort during the months of April to July.”

But not only students found peace and comfort in television. Teachers, under the pressure of planning remote lessons, did as well. 

“When I want to relax, my go to TV show is The Office,” said math teacher Ellen Beccia. “The stay at home order did influence me to get Netflix and Hulu.” 

Some actors and actresses on the streaming  platforms have done more than just provide entertainment. The “Leave a Light On” campaign by Grey’s Anatomy stars donated medical equipment to hospitals, and the “Always Keep Fighting” campaign by Supernatural star Jared Padalecki aimed to help people struggling with depression. 

For many students, Netflix and Hulu offered a much needed escape from reality. 

“It was the perfect break from my family when I needed it,” said sophomore Saaya Daga. “You didn’t have to worry about everything going on outside, and you could just sit and relax.”